Design-Build Projects

Grand PlazaGrand Plaza Shopping Center - A Raleigh, NC Project

Grand Plaza is a new 6 acre retail shopping center development consisting of a 22,750 square foot main shopping center, with 3 large outparcels; Hardees’s, Starbucks & Waffle House. J.W. Grand, Inc. was responsible for the design, construction and site development which included landscaping, grading, site utilities, concrete and asphalt paving. The buildings were constructed with concrete, metal studs, structural steel as well as pre-manufactured metal building sections. The façade was a combination of decorative columns, EIFS finishes, architectural split face masonry block, and an exterior aluminum window wall system. The roof utilized built up as well as standing seam metal roof systems.

Portofino Stables

Portofino Stables - A Raleigh, NC Project

Portofino is a 11,410 square foot high end equestrian boarding stable with a classic style of heavy timber construction, valued at over $1.5 million. This provides a rugged, yet elegant theme. Also included in this project i sa 1,360 Sqare foot second floor living area for the staff. Finishes include exposed heavy timbers, wrought iron and plastered CMU surfaces.

Shintech P-801- A Baton Rouge, LA Project

Shintech PVC Central Control Room, Lab & Switchgear Building P801 was a the design-build of a 25,600 square foot building to serve as the control room for a new PVC manufacturing facility, containing laboratories, switchgear room, offices, restrooms, kitchen and shower rooms for unit operators and administrative staff.  J. W. Grand was responsible for the civil, structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical designs. The building design included a timber-pile supported slab, structural fill, storm drainage system, area paving, access drives, chemical waste sump, transformer yard foundations and containment area, pre-engineered metal building, exterior masonry walls, interior metal stud framing, raised access computer flooring, interior finishes, halon and wet sprinkler fire suppression systems, fire alarm system, HVAC, plumbing, lab utility piping, and electrical systems. (Photographs not permitted).

Shintech P-905 - A Baton Rouge, LA Project

Shintech PU303 Project was a design-build project, which included three (3) individual buildings, totaling 8,000 square foot, G-902 - a control/office building, U-803 - a switch gear building and P-905 - a small switch gear building with related transformer areas, concrete foundation and flat surface paving. The building design included structural fill, storm drainage, paving, building foundations, masonry firewalls, HVAC for three pre-engineered metal buildings. (Photographs not permitted).


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