New Construction Projects

Acme Brick Showroom

Acme Brick Showroom- A Baton Rouge, LA Project

Construction of a new 15,000 square foot pre-engineered warehouse building and 5,400 square foot office building and showroom. Construction also included 185,000 square foot of eight-inch concrete paving utilized for brick storage, parking and driveways. Scope of work included structural fill, storm drainage, catch basins, concrete foundations, structural steel framing, as well as the extensive use of brick and aluminum window systems to makeup the exterior façade.

Moore Square

Moore Square Middle School - A Raleigh, NC Project

This project consisted of the new ground-up construction of an experimental urban middle school campus with all the latest in multimedia and data connectivity technologies. The new construction took up an entire city block and involved new classroom spaces, libraries, administrative offices, gymnasium, cafeteria, HVAC components, lavatories, installation of communication and electrical systems, overhead doors, parking lots and common areas.


Apex Middle

Apex Middle School - A Raleigh, NC Project

This project consisted of major renovations to existing classroom buildings, library, cafeteria and gym, along with the construction of new classroom, administrative buildings, new paved parking lots, athletic fields and common areas. In addition, the entire campus was brought up to current building codes and ADA accessibility standards. All existing HVAC, electrical, data, fire alarms and plumbing components were demolished and replaced with new systems throughout the entire campus.


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