The Value of Ethics at J.W. Grand, Inc.

The construction industry is very competitive. At J. W. Grand, Inc. we believe that professional and ethical integrity helps us to bring the best product to the customer and buildt our progress and success during more than 40 years in construction industry. An excellent reputation is a differentiating competitive advantage. The reputation J.W. Grand Inc. earns everyday is impacted by our business ethics.

Our actions determine our integrity. We go above and beyond what is ethically required by law to ensure that we establish a committed, trusting relationship with our clients. If actions determined our integrity, then they must be guided by clear, shared values. Honesty is number one and integrity is number two. Over time, our personal standards of honesty and integrity will be strengthened or weakened. It is a choice we make daily, one decision at a time.

J. W. Grand, Inc. has established a system of controls to ensure proper conduct and response to anything that would challenge our values. It includes but not limited to the following areas of business:

Compliance with laws • Confidentiality • Record management • Trade secrets
Accounting for funds • Professionalism • Conflicts of interest • Nepotism
Use of company assets, such as software, tools and equipment.

Building a trusting relationship with our clients requires clear expectations, shared goals, clarity of communication, professionalism and mutual respect. J. W. Grand, Inc. maintains these values as intrinsic in our company code of ethics. We honor our commitments to business partners, clients, suppliers and subcontractors as a part of our corporate integrity. Compliance with laws, rules and regulations, Federal government requirements and other agency requirements is the only way to conduct business at J. W. Grand Inc.

J. W. Grand, Inc. measures success by the positive reputation we have established in the construction community. It takes a long time to build a good reputation in the construction industry and almost no time to obliterate it. Our good name and reputation are the most valuable intangible assets, which we maintain with constant improvement over the course of our business.

-J.W. Grand


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