In every construction project, communication and organization is essential. Our general contracting helps the client achieve project goals on time and under budget. We ensure efficient and effective project management that allows the owners, architects and construction team to feel confident in the project outcome. With our team’s expertise combined with our commitment to safety ensures that our clients receive superior service.



For more than 45 years, the JW Grand brand has been a trusted partner in the industrial construction sector. With experience and safety as its hallmark, JW Grand provides professional and dependable service that is valued and trusted by clients. We deliver – every project, every time.



When it comes to commercial construction, our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations with a product that is on time and under budget. Our commitment to excellence and safety leaves you feeling confident in your choice. 

At JW Grand...

We know that successful projects rely on a dedicated team that understands the importance of problem-solving and attention to detail. That’s what we do. Regardless of the project, our team goes above and beyond to produce the best outcome in a timely manner, under budget. Our commitment to success goes beyond our team within. We believe our subcontractors are a representation of our values which is why we utilize only quality staff that bring value to the project.

Our total project investment was USD 700 million.

The JW Grand Commitment

From upper-level management and project managers to subcontractors and laborers, JW Grand is dedicated to the safety of our team. We understand the importance of safety on our end, as well as how a safety violation can affect the client. 
At JW Grand, we pride ourselves on being solution-oriented company-wide. We employ project managers, superintendents and subcontractors that bring ideas and solutions when problems arise rather than those that pass along the issue. 
We believe partnerships are based on trust. Our clients trust us to communicate throughout the course of the project and trust our team to provide solutions that allow the client to focus on their responsibilities. 
The work we produce spanning all the way to the individuals we employ relies on quality. At JW Grand, we pride ourselves on the reputation our founder dedicated his life to build. Our team works towards improvement daily.

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